Help us prepare for our 2022 harvest!

Trees all around the city are in full bloom, which means Spring is finally here. At City Fruit, this is a reminder that our harvest season is quickly approaching!


This week we launched our spring campaign/GiveBIG to fund the 2022 harvest!  If you are unfamiliar with GiveBIG, it’s a WA focused campaign that brings together nonprofits throughout the state. GiveBIG kicks off on April 19th and culminates on May 3rd-4th, GiveBIG makes a big difference in our ability to deliver on programming.


For the next two weeks, we will be working to raise $15,000. Raising $15,000 means we can hire additional harvesters, increase outreach to tree owners to register more fruit trees for the harvest, and expand our U-pick program — all so we can get more fruit to more community partners. Last year we were able to harvest nearly 40,000 pounds of fruit and this year we are hoping to exceed that number.  


City Fruit’s services are uniquely essential to our community. City Fruit harvests fruit that is already growing on thousands of trees across Seattle. It is crucial that we keep these trees healthy and ready to harvest, so we can provide nutritious fruit to our community partners.

You can schedule your gift today through our GiveBIG platform. Will you join us? Together, we can make a difference for our neighbors as everyone can share in the value of fruit.