How We Support and Engage Donors and Volunteers: A UW-led Study

How does City Fruit work for you?

Help City Fruit better understand the impact of our work! If you are a City Fruit supporter, please consider taking one of these two surveys. With your responses, we hope to better understand our community so we can continue to ensure that your ideals are reflected in our work. Your answers not only help us, but help support the work of our UW interns this winter as they complete their senior capstone projects!

Donor Survey
Volunteer Survey

How this data will be used:
Our team will carefully read your responses to learn more about why City Fruit appeals to community stakeholders. We can also start to assess whether supporters understand City Fruit’s connection to our urban food system.

Why is this data important:
We want to strengthen our relationship with our supporters and create experiences that meet their needs, which is why we hope to hear from you. During Covid times it is especially difficult to maintain communication, and we want to check in with you!

What will be the result:
With this information, we hope to be able to focus more attention on the aspects and projects that our supporters are passionate about. Your feedback will ensure that we can continue working together to provide sustainable and accessible solutions for neighborhoods in need. 

Thank you for your time and support! 

This project is being conducted in partnership with UW’s Environmental Education program. For more questions, please contact our development coordinator Katie Lam at or Madi Harasek at

About our UW Interns

Kaie Lam, Development Coordinator Intern

Katie was born and raised in Los Angeles, and is currently studying in Seattle for her undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Washington. As a student at the UW she has worked as a research assistant in a marine biology lab and as a communications intern for the UW Transportation Services. She has a passion for agricultural sustainability and community work, and has volunteered with fruit orchard stewardship programs in the past. She hopes to make food safety and urban agriculture as accessible as possible in the near future, and is excited to work with City Fruit to achieve this goal. 

Madison Harasek, Volunteer Coordinator Intern
Madison has taken on the role of Volunteer Coordinator Intern. She joined City Fruit as part of the University of Washington’s Capstone Program. This program allows for students to apply their knowledge regarding environmental studies to develop their own research projects. Throughout her internship, Madison will be researching the mental health benefits of volunteering at City Fruit. Outside of the academic realm, Madison has always had a love for community-supported agriculture. She was raised in Snohomish, Washington, a town primarily dedicated to agriculture. In years past, she worked at multiple locations owned by Stocker Farms. She first realized the importance of educating others about their role in the food system, while giving tours at Stocker’s U-pick Blueberry Farm.