Let’s bridge the gap together

What does $25 a month mean to you? 

A week of lattes? 

Dinner at your favorite restaurant?

At City Fruit, $25 a month helps us deliver one crate of fresh, locally harvested fruit to five of 20+ food banks and meal programs throughout Seattle; $25 a month means a mother can feed her growing children a fresh apple, fig, or pear.

During this time, when many of our neighbors are being forced to tighten their budgets, fresh fruits and vegetables are often out of reach. Pound for pound, fruit costs more than other filling foods like grains, and because fruit can’t be preserved or stored like high processed foods can be, they are less likely to be donated to food banks. The reality of this makes fresh fruit a luxury.

However, fresh fruit shouldn’t be a luxury. Children need fresh fruit to grow up healthy and strong. 


Seattle has one of the most extensive networks of urban fruit trees in the country – tens of thousands of fruit trees are spread across almost every square block of this city. Yet, each year, much of this fruit does not get harvested and is wasted.  City Fruit  gets high-quality fruit from these private and public trees, putting them to their fullest use as an important part of our hyperlocal food system. We take fruit that would have otherwise laid to waste and connect them to the families who need them.


With your monthly gift, you can bridge the gap for families who don’t have access to fresh fruit during these trying times. Now more than ever, the demand for fresh fruit is at an all time high. City Fruit’s harvest operations are funded by neighbors like you who are committed to City Fruit’s mission to prevent food from going to waste. You can make a difference today by joining us in protecting and sharing the wealth of our city’s fruit trees.

Your decision to start a monthly donation with City Fruit is a concrete way to support equity and access issues in food. At City Fruit, we believe everyone has a right to access healthy food sources. With your partnership, we can make this possible. Even if you are unable to make monthly donations, please consider even a one-time donation at this time.


Become a monthly donor: https://www.cityfruit.org/city-fruit-monthly-giving

Make a one-time donation: https://www.cityfruit.org/donate


If your circumstances have changed or you know someone in need of support, you can find a place to access fresh fruit near you.

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