Request your U-Pick Harvest Boxes!

The harvest authorization deadline has passed (it was August 10) and our harvest crew’s schedule is already quite full for the remainder of the season. BUT don’t fret, you can still share your excess fruit!

U-Pick Harvest Boxes are the easiest, fastest way to ensure that your excess fruit doesn’t go to waste, and your neighbors will get to enjoy fresh, healthy food from your backyard. 

These boxes operate almost like a reverse CSA. You pick the fruit, fill the box, and schedule a pick-up with City Fruit. Then our crew will pick up the boxes and distribute to local food banks.


How does it work?

  1. Go to and click on the link at the bottom of the page to request Harvest Boxes
  2. Our Harvest Crew will drop them off at your home within 48 hours
  3. After you’ve harvested, just ping [email protected] and we will collect your fruit within 48 hours and distribute it to a local food bank


And we love it when the tree owners take it even one step further and deliver the fruit straight to a local food bank! Earlier this season, the tree owner David requested Harvest Boxes, and filled them up with 113.5 lbs of his delicious plums (pictured below), and delivered them to nearby Byrd Barr himself. A fine, fine example of how a caring community can come together and take care of one another. Thank you, David!


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