Save Seattle’s Apples Mid-Summer Update

For the first time in a decade, I have fruit that is pest-free!

Barbara, Apple Tree Owner

This note arrived in our City Fruit inbox this week and we couldn’t be happier! It also came with a question – how long do I keep my pest barriers on my fruit?

We suggest leaving your pest barriers over the fruit for as long as possible.  The codling moth life cycle continues into the fall season.  Your best bet is to remove barriers approximately two weeks before the fruit typically ripens to get color on the fruit. Otherwise, leave the bags on your fruit until its ready to eat!

Keep your questions coming! Send photos, questions, and comments about your apples to or comment below! On November 5 between 6-8pm at Bradner Gardens, we will host a community discussion about the campaign and its impact.  We’ll be giving away special awards for Most Improved Tree, so make sure to take photos in order to share your progress. Find our more information about the community discussion here.