Volunteer Spotlight: Clare Follmann

With our new website having launched this month, we want to acknowledge the many people who made this large endeavor possible!

One of those people is Clare Follman. Clare came to City Fruit as a long-distance volunteer from Olympia. She spent countless hours proofreading, editing, creating pages, and helping us fine-tune the content of the new website over three months this spring (not to mention spending an hour with us each week over Google Hangout!).

Although Clare is originally from Maryland, she had dreamed of moving to the Pacific Northwest ever since she was 12 and her family made a trip out west. Dreams became reality in the fall of 2013 when Clare graduated from Sarah Lawrence with a BA in Philosophy and Literature, packed up her car, and drove across the country to Olympia. Clare has a passion for plants and urban agriculture (as you can see from the pictures of her amazing rooftop garden) and plans going back to grad school for Landscape Architecture.


Read on to learn more about this invaluable City Fruit volunteer:

What’s your favorite fruit?
“Raspberries and blackberries”

Why did you want to volunteer with City Fruit?
“I always like to have some sort of internship or volunteer work going on and I saw City Fruit’s website and I was like this is so cool! This is the kind of organization I want to work for! Such a simple idea that helps so many people.”

How did you get into urban agriculture and landscape design?
“I like nature, I like plants, I like learning about plants. I think it’s so important for people to have green things in their life, and I’m really interested in facilitating that, especially landscapes that are hospitable for native creatures and plants. I would like to get involved in creating more green space for folks in urban places and more edible landscapes for people in general. If we have room for food, why not let it grow?”

Thank you Clare for the work you have done for City Fruit!

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