Welcome to the Great Seattle Fruit Harvest!

The Great Seattle Fruit Harvest is Here! 

We love our city. A lot. At City Fruit, we chose to show our affection through fruit — tending the fruit trees that need a little extra love, like the 90-year-old apple and plum trees at Meridian Playground, or the ancient, nearly falling down trees at Piper’s Orchard. Tending trees can be a labor of love in itself, but anybody who grows food will know that it’s also a thrill of anticipation. Someday, soon, our work is rewarded with the joy of having nourished something that can now nourish us — and lucky us, we get to share these fruits of our labor with friends and strangers all over our amazing city. We get to see it churned into ice cream at Full Tilt, and fermented to make City Fruit Cider. It doesn’t get much better than that.

That’s why we do it. But we aren’t the only ones. 

Thank goodness we aren’t the only ones — because there’s no way our little seven-person staff could touch every single piece of fruit that grows in Seattle’s many nooks and corners. And we wouldn’t want to. City Fruit doesn’t own the harvest. Our work is a part of something bigger, as is the work of every individual tending, sharing, and taking pride in the fruits of this city. 

It’s a celebration — and everyone is invited. 

The Great Seattle Fruit Harvest is about community. You’ve heard us say it before — nothing is more important to City Fruit than our community. This year, we want to make sure our efforts reflect that, as the harvest is our busiest, happiest time of year, and the time when our ties are strongest with the folks who work with us in so many ways. 

City Fruit is happy to provide help where help is needed. But we’re just as happy to know that our help is not needed — that the harvest is alive and well in neighborhoods, P-patches, and backyards where City Fruit will never go. 

Be a Part of the Great Seattle Fruit Harvest

If these ideas resonate with you, join in the fun! Celebrate the bounty of this city, the joys of growing, harvesting, cooking, and sharing. Tell us your story

And stay tuned in with our GSFH updates — we’ll be sharing numbers, succeses, and stories we gather every week!

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