What’s the value of our fruit? The answer depends on YOU

What’s the value of fruit?

Our fruit. Fruit grown in our city, on the trees that are part of our urban canopy, growing in our public orchards and neighbors’ backyards.

What’s the value of OUR fruit?

We believe the answer depends on us.

Without any stewardship and someone to harvest, a lot of fruit often goes to waste – it drops to the ground and creates a mess, or the quality is poor and it is simply not consumable. It’s true – delicious, healthy fruit that should be enjoyed by us sadly becomes trash, or compost at best. Considering the fact that many fruit trees produce hundreds of pounds of fruit each year, it is a tremendous loss if we don’t take action.

So, what’s the value of our fruit?

You decide.

When we make a commitment to protecting our trees, to working together as community and taking care of our neighbors, the value of our fruit is immeasurable. Every year, we can count on being able to share tens of thousands of pounds of healthy, nutritious fruit with those in need, ensuring that we have a reliable food source that belongs to us.

And, what if we invite our community to be part of that process? By showing them how to care for our trees, by hosting work parties where neighbors can work side by side, and by inviting our city’s youth to experience the orchard, learn how to harvest, and taste the fruit grown in our city. By working together, we can not only help feed our community, but we can also foster stronger connection to our land, and to each other. And that’s what City Fruit has been striving to do for over a decade.

Today, we ask you to take action and make sure everyone in the community shares in the value of fruit growing in our city – a valuable resource that is meant to be shared, not wasted, by making a donation to City Fruit so that we can continue to protect our harvest.