Cheers to Four Years: Meet Tiare, City Fruit’s Education and Volunteer Programs Manager!

What brought you to City Fruit? 

How long have you worked for the organization?


I joined City Fruit in September 2020, first as a graduate student intern through Antioch University’s Urban Environmental Education program. This summer will be my fourth full harvest season with the team! I was initially drawn to City Fruit because of the unique intersection the work holds in food justice and urban environmental learning.

Is your educational/experiential background in any way related to the work you do at City Fruit?


I grew up in Hawaii and was very fortunate to be exposed to organizations and individuals doing amazing work in environmental stewardship, so much of my early experiences as a youth involved invasive algae and plant removal and outplanting of endemic and native plants into riparian zones! For this reason, I’ve developed a passion for restoration work and love that I’ve gotten to continue a similar kind of stewardship work with City Fruit in our public orchards! My formal education experiences in Biology, Environmental Policy & Decision Making, and Urban Environmental Education, have also helped to inform my work in the field. I’m always reminded to slow down and observe the signs that nature gives us, and to appreciate the complexities and uniqueness of our urban natural environments.

What is your favorite fruit?


Mango! Specifically the Haden variety, since that was the type of tree that grew outside my childhood home.


Current read/watch/listen?  Or favorite read/watch/listen you’d like to recommend?


Just started reading Folks You Meet in Longs by Lee Cataluna, after it was recommended to me by a friend. I’m not too far in yet, but if there are any folks from Hawaii that need a bit of connection to home, I would recommend picking it up!