City Fruit Honored for Game-Changing Action: Save Seattle’s Apples

“I have pest free fruit for the first time in a decade!”

Seattle Tree Owner

Each year, Seattle Met magazine and The Seattle Foundation honor outstanding non-profit organizations during their Light A Fire celebration.  City Fruit was awarded the Game Changing Action Award for our Save Seattle’s Apples campaign!  

Check out the magazine’s coverage of the campaign here.  

While the interviews were conducted months ago, the results are in: Save Seattle’s Apples has significantly cut the amount of waste introduced into the compost system! Last year, we used just 68 percent of the fruit we touched — the rest went into the compost. This year, we are using over 90 percent!  

Tree owners have responded to the campaign: “I have pest free fruit for the first time in a decade!” and “I have been using the booties treated with [kaolin clay] and put on with rubber bands used for braces. It has made a world of difference in the health of our apples.” 

We want to keep this work going.  On Thursday, November 5, City Fruit will host a community discussion, Save Seattle’s Apples: What Did We Learn? in order to continue conversations about the best ways to prevent pests and food waste from entering the city’s compost system. We’ll be joined by Megan Dunn from the Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides.