Cooking with Seasonal Produce and Chef Nick Furrow

City Fruit is focused on eliminating food waste through improved harvest methods, our Save Seattle’s Apples campaign, and through community education.  As part of that effort, Chef Nick Furrow taught us how to cook creatively with fruit in various styles during a City Fruit sponsored class last week at the Pike Place Atrium Kitchen.

fruit_0.jpgDuring the class, participants got hands-on experience creating fruit syrups, roasted fruit, and creative fruit-focused appetizers.  Nick’s style of cooking focuses on creating flavors and textures that work together rather than through strict recipes. During the evening he even showed the class a quick cheese making method.  And at the end of the night, we crafted delicious desserts using everything created during the evening. (As a special bonus, Nick also served a full dinner to his guests — we left happy and full!). 

My favorite recipe of the night involved peaches that had just gone past the point of eating fresh.  We cooked the peaches down and created a delicious and easy syrup from the fruit… fruit that would have otherwise gone to waste. 

To learn more about Nick, check out his website.  He is also hosting an exciting event on Saturday, October 24 featuring flavors of the Emilia region of Italy at the Pike Place Atrium Kitchen

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