City Fruit is seeking a new Board Member!

City Fruit Board Member Job description

This is a citywide search for Board of Director candidates who have shown up as leaders in non-profit sector, community organizations, government, philanthropy, healthcare, or business. This is an excellent opportunity for an individual who is passionate about the Seattle community and how they can make a local impact.


City Fruit is a non-profit organization that puts our urban orchard to its best and fullest use so that everyone in our community shares in the value of fruit. Urban fruit trees are a valuable community resource, yet often fruit goes unused because people are not sure when to harvest it, how to best use it, or they are put off by damage caused by preventable disease and pests. We are reclaiming the urban orchard, showing people how to harvest what they need, and to share the rest with others. We help tree owners grow healthy fruit, provide assistance in harvesting and preserving fruit, promote the sharing of extra fruit, and work to protect urban fruit trees.


Seattle has one of the most extensive networks of urban fruit trees in the country – tens of thousands of fruit trees are spread across almost every square block of this city, from public parks and orchards to backyards and planting strips.  City Fruit puts these trees to their best and fullest use so that everyone in our community shares in the value of fruit. We work all year long to connect our neighbors to Seattle’s collective orchard; promote the sharing of extra fruit; and protect the health and vitality of the trees.


We do this work because we believe each of Seattle’s fruit trees represents an opportunity to create a more sustainable and vibrant city. After all, as Seattle becomes denser, we become further disconnected from our environment, our food production, and even one another.  This work is not “just” about fruit, it is about the power that fruit has to connect us to land, food, and even our community


Specific Board member responsibilities include:


Leadership, governance and oversight

City Fruit Board members will have governance-level review of strategy and material business decisions, and serve as trusted advisors to the Executive Director. They are expected to attend monthly in-person board meetings, committee meetings, and serve on committees or task forces. City Fruit Board members will act as ambassadors for the organization and its mission.



City Fruit Board members will participate in creating a culture of philanthropy at City Fruit. They are expected to participate in and support City Fruit’s fundraising efforts, and make an annual donation to City Fruit’s mission that is commensurate with their capacity.


Board terms

City Fruit Board members will serve a three-year term and be eligible for re-appointment for additional terms.


Who You Are…

  • A Strategic Leader. Strong leader and coach.
  • A Volunteer. Willingness to support the mission of City Fruit.
  • Passionate about Community. Advocates for the power of bring people together.
  • Collaborative. Ability to work with other equally strategic and passionate individuals.
  • Strong Communicator. Must have strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Domain. Solid understanding of key board committees (governance, fundraising, finance).
  • Experienced. Hands-on experience in business or non-profit sector solving strategic problems
  • Creative. Creative, strategic thinker who can take initiative, think outside the box and drive additional value.
  • Willing. You role up your sleeves and add value to the organization in alignment with your skill set.
  • Evangelist.  You evangelize City Fruit’s core values:
    • Celebrate the goodness of fruit
    • Champion the urban orchard
    • Build community connection through fruit
    • Open the urban orchard to everyone
    • Innovate through collaboration
  • You are a Recruiter! City Fruit is always looking for volunteers, members, and supporters. You’ll be a forward-facing ambassador helping build our brand across Seattle.


This is a volunteer Board. Board members are not compensated.


If you are interested, please apply by sending your information to with the subject “City Fruit board position”. 

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