Don’t miss out: some big additions to the Celebrates line-up!!

Join us for THE biggest night of our year!

City Fruit Celebrates

Thursday, October 17
6-9pm at 415 Westlake

This year’s City Fruit Celebrates is going to be a little different and yes, we’ll say it, it’s going to be even more amazing. If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, make it a priority for this gorgeous sunny day. And, if you have – fantastic, here are some exciting updates for the evening.



Some Big Changes to the Evening

1. Kyler Martz: We are beyond excited to announce that we will be unveiling a custom piece by local artist Kyler Martz at this year’s City Fruit Celebrates. The piece is a collaboration with Seattle Cider, City Fruit and Kyler to celebrate the unique Seattle flavor of the harvest. Before it is translated to labels and promotions for the 2018 vintage City Fruit Cider, you’ll get to see the piece up close and personal. And, hint hint, this piece will be integrated into our giving level gifts!! Check out some of his art below.




2. Seatown: The harvest plates will now be prepared by both Etta’s AND Seatown Market Diner!


3. Sample the 2018 Vintage: Seattle Cider will be there to sample out the 2018 Vintage City Fruit Cider, before it gets bottled for release in November!



4. Shrub: Though cider is a big part of this celebration, we recognize that not everyone cares to imbibe. This year, we will host a shrub table, for those wanting to savor a non-alcoholic celebration of the harvest!



And a Sample of What’s Ahead!

Earlier this year, we announced the launch of our first-ever 5-year plan, which included commitments to grow the harvest and ground our work in Seattle’s communities.


At the event Juan, our new Community Engagement & Harvest Manager, will be joined on-stage by several community partners, to discuss the ways the commitments of this plan are already showing up in our programming. Learn more about what it means to shift from a charity-based approach to a vision for true community-led design for food sovereignty, during this time of incredible change in our city.


This event is THE biggest night of our year. I hope you’ll join us in sipping, savoring, and celebrating City Fruit’s work, as we wrap up the harvest and prepare for more work ahead.


With much gratitude


Carrie Ferrence 

City Fruit Executive Director


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