Happy Pollinator Week!

During National Pollinator Week, we wanted to reflect on and celebrate the insects that make City Fruit’s annual harvest possible!

One out of every three bites we eat (including fruit from fruit trees) is courtesy of a pollinator, i.e. bees, wasps, moths, flies, and bats. While there are many different pollinators that contribute to pollination, honey bees are crucial to the pollination of our fruits and vegetables, and are regarded as one of the most critical links in the United States agricultural system.

In the past 10 years, honey bees in particular have been threatened. First reported in 2006, “Colony Collapse Disorder”, referring to the large scale loss of honey bee colonies, has raised alarm about threats to honey bee health and the potential for their widespread disappearance – from 2006-2011, United States beekeepers experienced an average total loss of 33% every year.

Although these numbers are significant, there is reason to celebrate as both local and national policies are starting to take action to protect pollinators this spring. Last month on May 18th, the Seattle City Council voted unanimously to become the 8th certified Bee City USA in the nation! By becoming a Bee City, Seattle will now adopt a set of standards to create sustainable pollinator habitats. A day later on May 19th, the White House released the historic National Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators, outlining a set of goals to curb the loss of honey bees and other important pollinator species like monarch butterflies, as well as restore pollinator habitats.

These policies mark important milestones in protecting pollinators and the food we cultivate along with them. City Fruit couldn’t harvest urban fruit and share the bounty with neighbors and friends without the work of pollinators – as we turn towards harvest season, this Pollinator Week we celebrate the entirety of the growing process – from seed to flower to fruit to table.

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