Linden Orchard is Ready for Summer

The trees are looking good at Linden Orchard. Five out of six trees have apples! Only one tree that produced last year did not develop blooms or apples this year. Let us know if you’re seeing the same thing in your yard.

Thanks to support from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, City Fruit is investigating a variety of methods for organically preventing pests during the spring months.

At Linden Orchard, we are using codling moth traps as well as white bags to cover the apples. We’ve also left some apples uncovered. We’ll keep watching the fruit through the season, and make sure to share photos after we remove the bags later this year.

Send us photos of your covered fruit to In the fall, we will host two community sessions to share information and best practices about what we learned this year in working to prevent pests. Dates and locations are coming soon!

Kate is executive director of City Fruit. She lives in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle. 

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