Here to Harvest: Meet Riley, our Program Coordinator!

What brought you to City Fruit?  How long have you worked for the organization?


I was a UW Capstone intern for City Fruit during the winter of 2022! It was a part of my last year in school where I had to complete a capstone project that focused on something regarding environmental studies, which for me was focused towards urban agriculture and how growing food in urban areas can promote community building.

 After my internship ended, I graduated college and traveled for a bit during the summer. Upon returning, I started as a seasonal harvester at City Fruit, where I gained hands-on experience harvesting fruit from our tree owners and got to know Seattle in a much more intimate way – I loved it! November rolled around, and a full-time position opened up that I quickly jumped on, which is where I am today!  This August, I will have been working with City Fruit for 2 years.

Is your educational/experiential background in any way related to the work you do at City Fruit?


Yes, very. I am very grateful and fortunate to have found such an applicable, yet unique job that caters to my interests that I studied in school. When I attended WWU, I was on track to study environmental journalism but ended up transferring to the UW where I majored in Environmental Studies, and minored in Law, Society, and Justice. This intersection between environment and social justice, coupled with my love and passion for food, ultimately decided what I wanted to focus on for the duration of my college career and thus, my professional one!

What is your favorite fruit?

Very difficult question… I think they all shine best in certain dishes. I think for plain eating I’d have to go with sumo oranges – they’re just so fun to peel and have the best flavor and texture. But I’m not picky and love all!

Current read/watch/listen?  Or favorite read/watch/listen you’d like to recommend?

My podcasts of choice are Binchtopia, Scared to Death, Maintenance Phase, and Girls Camp at the moment. I’ve been reading All the Light We Cannot See on and off for a year and some change, but I’ve really been liking it! I watch a TON of TV so have endless recommendations, but right now I just finished my first ever watch of “Sex and the City” and frequently return to “How To: with John Wilson,” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “Broad City,” and really any food travel show that you can find.