Julian, Our Tree Care Specialist

What brought you to City Fruit?  How long have you worked for the organization?


 I returned to the US after working with agroforestry systems as a Peace Corps volunteer in Panama, and was hoping to continue to be involved with tree care. I was so thrilled to find City Fruit, and join in the winter of 2021.


 Is your educational/experiential background in any way related to the work you do at City Fruit?


 Yep, I would say so – I studied agriculture and sociology in college, worked on an apple orchard for a season, and volunteered with my school’s first gleaning organization. In addition to diverting food waste from dining halls, we gleaned peaches, grapes, pawpaws, and apples in upstate New York.

What is your favorite fruit?

Figs!! Especially Olympian and Italian Honey figs.

Current read/watch/listen?  Or favorite read/watch/listen you’d like to recommend?

I’m reading Street Trees of Seattle, which just came out and is based on Arthur Lee Jacobson’s Trees of Seattle from the 80s. It has super fun hand-drawn illustrations, and is chock-full of the history of trees! I’m also an avid listener/fungal associate of Completely Arbortrary, a podcast about trees and other related topics based out of Portland. Lastly, I’m very into the latest season of Survivor, but bummed that Hunter was just voted out.