Introducing our new membership program!

Here at City Fruit, we’ve been going through some changes. Last year, we launched our new model of community harvesting through Harvest Hubs and started tallying numbers of DIY harvests done all across the city. At the turn of the year, we launched Harvest for All, our most ambitious neighborhood expansion yet. All of these decisions underscore our dedication to making fruit more accessible, making this harvest community more inclusive. 

So, to back up this commitment, we’ve been crafting some exciting changes in our membership program. 

What’s new?

1. Membership dues for one year are one flat rate of $25. We got rid of membership levels — let’s all come together on the same page, same level.

(If you can’t pay, you have the option to instead volunteer 4 hours!)

2. We will be hosting Fruit for All CSA pick-up parties for members throughout the summer! Got a lot of apples but aching for some plums? We got you. 

3. Decision making power in where your fruit goes! We will send out a pre-harvest survey to members to see how they want their community’s fruit to be used! Does one of our food program partners especially inspire you? Know of an organization that is just getting off the ground? Let us know. 

4. And finally, harvest of your fruit tree. This year, while registering your tree and authorizing the harvest, you must also become a member! Why this change? To create a more reliable and equitable fruit community, we are aiming for more tree-owner participation. Tree-owners, becoming a member is a chance to share in your neighborhood fruit (Fruit for All CSA), decide where fruit is going, and support the work that City Fruit does.

And you’ll still be getting all those good-good local business discounts and members-only events!

All in all, this membership program will support putting Seattle’s fruit to its best and fullest use. It’s about coming together to celebrate the wholesome goodness of our greatest natural resource. Membership is for everyone — whether you tend to a fruit tree, love baking your best persimmon cake recipe, or just enjoy knowing that abundant fruit trees exist in our city.



A fruit community for the people, by the people. Join us today!

If you have more questions or want to join this fruit-lovin’ fam, head over to our Become a Member page

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