More ways to volunteer! New Year’s resolution #10

In celebration of our 2018 expansion and resolutions, we’re going to take a deep dive into 1 commitment a week on our blog. We’re starting at the bottom first, with #10!

City Fruit is famous for our Harvest season work parties – they bring together neighbors, members, staff, and even corporate partners to collect and share this City’s incredible bounty and diversity of fruit. But, did you know that City Fruit runs work parties and community events all year round?!

In fact, this week, our incredible Volunteer Manager, Natalie Place, ran three work parties at the Amy Yee Orchard, thanks to our friends at Amazon, Wallingford Methodist Church, and Compass Housing Alliance. They pruned trees, pulled weeds, and dug deep into the earth to celebrate MLK’s Day of Service (and the unseasonably gorgeous day). Pruning and weeding might not be as colorful and tasty as harvesting but we consistently receive feedback that they are incredible events – after all, who doesn’t LOVE getting their hands dirty, in order to make Seattle’s green space just a little more incredible?

This year, we are working hard to grow our hands-on commitment to this city – more work parties, more workshops, and more classes – so that everyone has an opportunity to connect to and benefit from Seattle’s urban orchard. Join us in preserving fruit, baking pies, learning to prune, stewarding our public orchards, and showing up alongside your neighbors to collect and share fruit – it’s going to be an incredible year! Join us!

  • If you’re interested in joining our community of volunteers, click here!
  • And, if you’re interested in having City Fruit coordinate a service party for your employer, please contact!

Carrie Ferrence, Executive Director

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