Team Building Projects to Support our Food System

“I attended an event with a friend, but I came back because I think the cause is great.  I also like that the programming is educational and supports the community.”

Is your organization or work team seeking ways to develop connection and contribute back to our community? If so, consider partnering with City Fruit!

For 2022, City Fruit has launched a new Team Building and Education Events program. This program offers your team a hands-on opportunity to protect Seattle’s urban fruit tree canopy, build community, and improve access to fresh fruit for our city’s food banks and meal programs. Our team building and education events are geared to strengthen team members’ morale and increase motivation and productivity, all while making tangible change. 

City Fruit has long worked with different companies and corporations around Seattle to design customized events that meet the needs of our orchards and sustainable food system and also enable participants to work together to create impactful change. Using that experience, we can work with you to pick a date and tailor the event to your team’s needs.

Some opportunities for custom team building events include:

Meet at an urban orchard to harvest windfallen apples and turn them into cider! Fruit on the ground is one of the leading causes of pest damage and food waste. City Fruit staff will help show which windfallen apples can be used and how to wash and process them into cider. Team members will leave with a growler of cider and the remaining harvested windfallen fruit will be distributed to our local partners to be made into apple sauce and cider for the community. This event typically lasts 2-2.5 hours, and can accommodate 5-20 participants.

Work in an urban orchard to prevent food waste and nourish our community! Tour an urban orchard with a tree expert and learn its history before caring for the trees! Tailored learning opportunities can last 2-4 hours and include:


Winter pruning (ideal group size 5-10 individuals)

Spring mulching (5-15)

Spring tree-planting (10-20)

Summer pruning and fruit bagging (5-15)

Summer and fall harvest (5-20)

Fall orchard clean-up (5-15) and

Winter Integrated Pest Management (5)

Learn about City Fruit’s important contributions to food justice and feeding our community by sorting apples for food banks and cider making! This event can be held at a partner cidery or at your office and team members will enjoy a pint of locally made cider! This event can last 2-4 hours and accommodate up to 15 participants.

Redirect food waste and nourish our community! Join an expert jam maker or canner and learn the ends and outs of jam making. Team members will prep fruit and leave with a jar of jam while knowing the fruit that they helped process will stock the pantries of local food banks and meal programs. These events last between 3-4 hours and can be hosted in a residential or commercial kitchen. Ideal for 4-6 people.

We can accommodate teams of 4-20 people, and request that depending on the event size and timeframe, teams give a tax deductible donation to support our mission.  To learn more, please contact!