Volunteer and earn your City Fruit membership!

We hope you’ve been enjoying the beautiful display of fruit tree blossoms all over the city! It’s a wonderful gift from the trees before the work resumes; soon we’ll be netting trees to protect them from pest damages and then we will harvest the fruit. And before we’ll get to enjoy the fruit of our labor (pun definitely intended), make sure your membership status is up to date. Why? Because as a member you’ll be able to request City Fruit to harvest your fruit tree, and, you’ll also receive a free share of the Fruit for All CSA and will get to enjoy an assortment of freshest fruit picked in your own neighborhoods.




Annual City Fruit membership fee is $25 but did you know you can also volunteer for four hours and earn your annual membership? It is not only a free, easy way to gain access to all the membership perks but it is also a fun, fulfilling way to experience this amazing fruit sharing community first hand. City Fruit works year round to steward the orchards all over the city, and share tens of thousands of fruit that we harvest with community members. And you’ll get to be part of the action as a volunteer and have direct impact on our urban orchards and community.
Sounds exciting? Then check out the new volunteer opportunities available HERE! Once you volunteer for over four hours we’ll contact you to set up your membership. Or if you have questions about becoming a volunteer member you can contact Natalie at natalie@cityfruit.org.

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